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Medium bodied coffee with soft and delicate acidity. Hints of almond and cocoa. Clean cup.



Honduras Santa Barbara: A Gentle Touch of Excellence

Explore the captivating flavors of Honduras with our Santa Barbara coffee, cultivated in the fertile regions of Santa Barbara and Comayagua at elevations over 1200 meters. This coffee features a rich blend of Arabica varieties including Caturra, Catuai, Pacas, and Bourbon, each contributing to a unique flavor profile.

Our Honduras Santa Barbara is medium roasted, achieving an Agtron score of 52, which perfectly accentuates its medium body and soft, delicate acidity. The coffee offers hints of almond and cocoa, creating a sophisticated and enjoyable taste experience.

The sensory analysis results highlight an appealing fragrance and aroma, with balanced flavors that culminate in a clean and pleasing aftertaste. The coffee maintains a high standard of quality with scores reflecting its exceptional cleanliness, uniformity, and overall harmony, resulting in a total score of 76.75.

Ideal for coffee aficionados who appreciate a subtle yet impactful cup, our Honduras SHG EP Santa Barbara coffee is perfect for any occasion, providing a smooth and refined experience that showcases the best of Honduran coffee.

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Weight N/A

Beans, Espresso, Moka, Turkish, French Press, Areo Press, Chemex, V60


250 g, 1 kg


Santa Barbara and Comayagua, Honduras +1200m



Roasting Level



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