The Roasting Coffee - India Cherry Single Origin

Full body with clean cup. Scents of spicy pepper and chocolatey aftertaste.



India Cherry: Rich Aromas and Robust Flavors

Experience the bold and dynamic flavors of our India Cherry coffee, cultivated in the diverse terrains of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, India, at altitudes above 800 meters. This robusta coffee is known for its intensity and depth, with beans screened at size 17 to ensure a premium quality.

Roasted to a perfect medium to medium-dark level, India Cherry unveils a full body and a clean cup that coffee enthusiasts will appreciate. It features enticing scents of spicy pepper that lead into a rich, chocolatey aftertaste, offering a complex and satisfying flavor profile.

This coffee is celebrated for its robustness and has been crafted to deliver a sensory experience that highlights the unique characteristics of Indian robusta beans. The India Cherry is particularly suited for those who enjoy a strong, impactful coffee that makes a memorable impression with every sip.

Perfect for starting a vigorous morning or for an invigorating break during the day, this coffee promises to bring a touch of Indian tradition and quality to your cup, ensuring a rich and hearty coffee experience.

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Weight N/A

Beans, Espresso, Moka, Turkish, French Press, Areo Press, Chemex, V60


250 g, 1 kg


India, Karnataka/Kerala/Tamil Nadu region, +800m



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