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Churton Street , London

Founded in 2014 by Giulio, a barista with a fine-dining pedigree, The Roasting is a coffee shop winner, ranked among the best coffee shops in London. And a customer is always right!

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Giulio is ready to help with your training needs. Through a tailor made plan and training onsite he helps you achieve the best latte-art from your coffee and equipment. Get in touch today and book your training plan.

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The Roasting is a pioneer for fair trade and ethical produce, priding itself on the quintessential Italian product: The Espresso. Tradition, excellence and expertise are the keywords in the world of The Roasting.


The Roasting boosts two locations and each has different vibes and layout, though our shops and aesthetic have always been described as minimalistic, a term which imbues our approach with more intentionality than it deserves. In truth, we are a small, simple company. We are committed to being independent and local, with an enduring fidelity to both quality and service. Please come and find us!

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Our Goal

Our goals today are the same as the ones that started us on this path. They’re more complicated now, the world has changed in the last years, London is a changing city and we’ve learned a lot, and our operation has grown; but the fundamentals are the same: make great coffee, make customers happy!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

31 Churton Street
London, Pimlico, SW1V 2LY
7.30am - 5pm

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75 Hook Road
Surbiton, KT5 6AF
Monday - Sunday
8am - 3.30pm

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