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Taste of wood and dark caramel, in some cases of bitter cocoa. The cream is dark hazelnut, without nuances.



Tanzania Superior: A Rich Harmony of Bold Flavors

Introducing our Tanzania Superior coffee, sourced from the lush landscapes of the Bukoba region in Tanzania, situated at elevations over 800 meters. This robusta coffee selection is renowned for its strong and rich flavor profile, meticulously screened at size 16 to guarantee top quality.

Roasted to a perfect medium to medium-dark level, Tanzania Superior unfolds a sophisticated taste of wood and dark caramel, with occasional notes of bitter cocoa that enrich the overall flavor experience. The coffee produces a dark hazelnut cream, notable for its clarity and richness, without nuances that could distract from its pure, robust essence.

This coffee is crafted for those who savor the profound and intense aspects of a traditional robusta, offering a robust and vigorous cup that is both stimulating and satisfying. Tanzania Superior is perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to explore a distinctively bold brew that stands out with its straightforward and potent flavors.

Ideal for mornings or as a strong base for espresso drinks, this coffee brings the vibrant and dynamic tastes of Tanzania right to your cup, promising an unforgettable and powerful coffee drinking experience.

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Weight N/A

Beans, Espresso, Moka, Turkish, French Press, Areo Press, Chemex, V60


250 g, 1 kg


Tanzania, Bukoba Region, +800m



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