The Roasting Coffee - Uganda Single Origin

Full aroma, mellow and rich taste with spicy and woody hints.



Uganda: A Rich Tapestry of Flavor

Delve into the deep, earthy tones of our Uganda coffee, sourced from the fertile regions of Mendo and Masaka in Uganda, situated at altitudes between 600 and 800 meters. This coffee features robusta beans, known for their boldness and intensity, screened at size 18 to ensure only the finest quality.

The Uganda is carefully roasted to a medium to medium-dark level, which enhances its full aroma and mellows the rich taste. With each sip, you'll discover the subtle spicy and woody hints that make this coffee uniquely invigorating and enjoyable.

This coffee offers a robust and hearty drinking experience, perfect for those who appreciate a coffee with a pronounced character and lasting impact. The Uganda's rich flavor profile makes it an excellent choice for both morning wake-up calls and afternoon pick-me-ups.

Ideal for coffee lovers who seek a strong, flavorful brew, the Uganda promises a taste journey that is both distinct and deeply satisfying, bringing the vibrant spirit of Uganda to your cup.

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Weight N/A

Beans, Espresso, Moka, Turkish, French Press, Areo Press, Chemex, V60


250 g, 1 kg


Uganda, Mendo/Masaka, +600/800m



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