The Roasting Coffee - India Plantation Single Origin

Sweet nut and light creamy citrus in the aroma. Medium bodied coffee, delicate but rich with low acidity and hints of nut, flowers and chocolate. Clean cup.



India Plantation: A Symphony of Delicate Flavors

Embark on a flavorful journey with our India Plantation coffee, harvested from the lush landscapes of Karnataka, India, at altitudes between 1000 and 1200 meters. This coffee is cultivated from a refined selection of Arabica beans, including Kents, Catimor, and S-795, renowned for their complex and pleasing profiles.

Medium roasted to a precise Agtron score of 53, our India Plantation offers a medium body with a rich palette of flavors. The aroma is captivating with sweet nut and light creamy citrus notes, while the flavor is delicately intertwined with rich chocolate undertones. The overall sensory experience is enhanced by a clean cup and a balanced, satisfying aftertaste.

The coffee scores highly across sensory evaluations, with outstanding marks for cleanliness, uniformity, and sweetness, achieving an overall score of 77.5. It presents a unique combination of subtlety and depth that reflects the distinctive coffee-growing traditions of India.

Ideal for those who appreciate a coffee that offers both richness and refinement, the India Plantation is perfect for enjoying at any time of day, providing a luxurious escape into the world of Indian coffee.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Beans, Espresso, Moka, Turkish, French Press, Areo Press, Chemex, V60


250 g, 1 kg


Karnataka area, India +1000/1200m


Arabica, Robusta

Roasting Level



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