At The Roasting we carefully select our coffee beans for their unique character, be it warmth and depth or lively fruit and sparkle. We want you to see the full spectrum of possibility that each coffee has to offer you, so we roast our coffee to bring out these attributes. The coffee blends that we produce at The Roasting come from careful selection of the raw materials used in the production processes.

We use different varieties of the highest quality green coffee beans only from carefully selected crops all over the world. A slow-cycle production process ensures that the coffee beans are roasted gradually and evenly, thereby preserving their natural properties and authentic flavour.

A strong aroma, creamy texture and rich taste are the three main ingredients of our blends – the result of traditional, sophisticated recipes formulated to meet all the different demands of the espresso coffee market in Italy and UK.

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London, Pimlico, SW1V 2LY
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